St Andrews Media  
"Can I just say thanks again for doing the video for us - everyone has really enjoyed  watching it and it's been good to show people who weren't able to be at the wedding."

Mei-Li Roberts Todd




Wedding Video

Your wedding day will be such a beautiful occasion and should be recorded for posterity, for relatives and friends who couldn't manage to be there, and most importantly for you to enjoy and remember for years to come.  What a wonderful thing to watch together on your anniversaries !

St Andrews Media can record your wedding ceremony and reception to custom developed DVD viewable anywhere in the world. We make a point of doing the videography discretely. No cameraman running down the aisle with the bride, yet multiple camera angles capture every moment forever.

( The above video vignette was taken by St Andrews Media at the University of St Andrews, St Salvator's Chapel. )

Please feel free to contact us for more information and pricing.